How hard is it to add fruit to your child’s diet? Are your children having a tough time trying different fruits? Have you recently found out that your child has an allergy to dairy and cannot have ice cream?(what’s that got to do with fruit, you’ll see shortly) Remember your parents saying, “please eat your fruit”, well I do. Both fruit and vegetables seem to be hard for a child to accept but I found a way around the ‘fruit’ part and an idea for getting them to eat their vegetables. It is important that we establish healthy eating habits at an early age. In general, fruits and vegetables are low in calories, which is important for maintaining a healthy weight. Refer to the chart below for daily recommendations for both children and adults.

Fruit Chart

These portions work for those of you that get fewer than 30 minutes on a daily basis of moderate physical exercise, over and above normal daily activities. Children who find themselves more physically active might be able to consume more while remaining within calorie requirements.

Now the fun part, my first the fruit trick! If you haven’t found out about this product yet, let me be the first to introduce you to it, ‘Yonanas.  Our six year old grandson has an allergy to dairy and as a result cannot have ice cream, even soy based. What is beautiful about the ‘Yonanas’, you fill the chute with frozen fruit; bananas, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, apple slices and more. The machine processes the frozen fruit in such a way that when it discharges down the chute, the fruit now has the consistency of ice cream! It also comes with a recipe book. You can freeze it into ice cream pop molds and serve it. Now your child has their daily portion of fruit in a way that’s healthy, no added sugars, preservatives, and any possible allergens.

What about vegetables? Yea, what about them. Vegetables as well as fruits are a very important part of your child’s daily intake. Refer to chart below for daily recommendations for both children and adults.



One trick we found to work is to add vegetables into various blends. Mix cauliflower with mashed potatoes. In fact you can mash the cauliflower itself, add a little margarine and salt, and serve it as ‘mashed potatoes’.  Take spinach, finely chopped and make small bite size meatballs (try with turkey meat). Be creative and your child will never know the difference.